This was an intensive and fun weekend of Street Photography, with a great group of participants and cool atmosphere. The review and critique part took place at ‘Reial Coworking Barcelona’, a quiet and perfectly located old building, right by Las Ramblas.

We had participants from Spain, Italy and Sri Lanka, some with almost no experience and others with a little bit more. Saturday and Sunday were spent mostly shooting, with an editing and critique session in the evening, and dinner and a couple of beers afterwards.

Here’s some of the photos the participants took during the weekend:

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List of participants and links to their websites or social media:

– LUIS ALVAREZ MARRA -> Flickr; website
– STAN DE ZOYSA -> website; Instagram
– CESAR ROMM -> Instagram
– ANDREA OGGIANO -> Instagram
– JODY VAGNONI -> Instagram

And here’s a ‘behind the scenes’ slideshow with pics of Luis, Stan, Cesar, Andrea and Jody in action:

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  1. Maria Jansana October 21, 2018 at 9:33 pm #

    To me, this experience can be condensed with one word: Challenge. It may seem a vague word to describe a three-day journey through street photography, but I think that is the one word that fits the most.

    It was a challenge to go there and become better with every day that elapses, seeing your mistakes and amending them, seeking new ways to come up with great ideas. In conclusion: being the best “you” that you can be.

    This was the first workshop I ever went to. At first, I was nervous and a little afraid of being inexperienced with street photography, but with Pau’s advice, I was able to enjoy it. Although I was the youngest there my age wasn’t an impediment from keeping up with the other team members. As the journey went on I learned some tricks that were very useful. I also have to mention that my whole team was awesome and we had a great time together!

    In general, I can say that Pau is a great Sensei. He is always looking out for the others and helping you out when needed. He has a lot of knowledge and experience in street photography.

    I really liked the critique session. It is an unforgettable moment. After all your effort and work put into the workshop you can see the results and opinion coming from a professional in this area. It really gives you the motivation to keep trying until you get the perfect picture.

    I have to say it was intensive but inspiring. His style is custom made by and for him, but I don’t doubt when I say that he has influenced mine.

    For all the ones looking for feedback from other participants in the workshop, here’s my advice: go for it! I’m not a good photographer but I can assure you that is one time in life experience and that you will learn from it. I did.

    Thanks Pau!


  2. Callie Eh October 5, 2018 at 10:00 am #

    I attended the Barcelona workshop on September 14-16, the workshop is well focused, intensive, and set in a vibrating, friendly environment, we have a really good team and a lot of fun.
    A good opportunity to work with Pau, he is humanism, respect, and patience, I’ve learned a lot during the workshop from his professional knowledge advise, great teaching aid and great learning aid. Highly recommend it! Thanks again Pau 🙂

  3. Mette April 25, 2018 at 5:15 am #

    Ein guter Workshop für Streetphotography, bei einem sehr sympathischen Pau Buscató. Wenn man sich auf ein nächstes Level in der Streetphotography bringen will, ist dieser Kurs eine gute Gelegenheit. Die gemeinsamen Bildbesprechungen der eigenen Fotos und die der anderen Teilnehmer sind sehr hilfreich. Auch die gemeinsame aktive Zeit auf der Straße hat mir viel gebracht und das Auge für kleine Details geschärft. Nun gilt es dran zu bleiben.
    Ich kann den Kurs findet für ambitionierte Streetphotografen nur empfehlen!

  4. Bjørn Kaas January 30, 2018 at 5:28 pm #

    What an enthusiast. He definitely has his sights on the details that are worth seeing them live and being a part of it. Even though I know that I will never develop his stubborn obsession, he has influenced me to develop my own style. And Barcelona is one of the most beautiful cities for such a workshop. Don’t miss it! // Bjørn Kaas, Hamburg / GER

  5. Jody Cash January 8, 2018 at 7:16 pm #

    The workshop is a great opportunity to get into Pau’s mind and learn new tricks. I do suggest to do this learning experience to all whom desire to extend their graphic vision on the street.

    I would say that is not only for street photographers but to all curious who want to get inspired by the Street photography language differently.

    Barcelona is also a great environment, energic city full of variations between modern and antique.
    Also as a team we had a great social time all together. Always hangry on the street but hungry on the table.

  6. Rob Edgerley January 8, 2018 at 4:24 pm #

    As this was my first photography workshop dedicated to street, and knowing the level of patience, awareness, and intensity required to capture good street images, I was a little concerned how the logistics of it all might work in reality. It’s already incredibly difficult to be subtle and remain undetected on the streets when you’re alone with your camera, imagine what it’s like with six other like-minded photographers, all stalking the same space. Thinking you’re going to come out with a world class Pau Buscató level image at the end of the weekend would be wrong, perhaps you will if you’re lucky, but given that this type of photography is about 99.9% failure (to quote Alex Webb), the chances are you won’t. But all that doesn’t matter. Over the weekend you will get ample chance to ask Pau anything about his work and he holds absolutely nothing back. This kind of willingness to share information is gold and worth far more than snapping that killer shot. You’ll be better prepared and have plenty of time for that killer shot afterwards. Take the time to learn and speak with Pau. He will guide you through camera settings, gear, things to look out for on the streets, things to avoid (cliché’s etc), and most importantly the kind of mind-set and patience levels required to be, not just a good street photographer, but a great street photographer. He’s not going to favourably critique your images just to please you; he is honest and constructive. It’s important that we are able to put our ego’s to one side and actually learn the difference between making a good image and making a great image, from someone who actually knows what they are talking about. A great self-critiquing tip from Pau that I personally took great benefit from, is to simply ask “can this image be repeated easily? Can I take my camera and take the exact same shot tomorrow?” This simple question helped me to instantly up my game.

    On a more personal level, Pau is a friendly, approachable guy. You certainly won’t feel uncomfortable talking to him.

  7. Andrea Oggiano January 6, 2018 at 10:44 am #

    Had the pleasure to attend the workshop on November ’17.
    The workshop was really well structured starting with a presentation of Pau´s experience and how he became a street photographer, along with suggestions on different ways to view the scene with a different eye. The first day started with a review of my previous work, and the feedback really helped me be more critical of my work. The photowalks on the next days were really helpful as Pau gave me loads of tips on how to work the scene and how to seek that SHOT that makes the difference. At the end of each photowalk there’s been a review on each participant work and that for me was the best part, as said before it was really inspiring and gave me new ideas to improve, inspiration and pushed me to come back the next days on my own with a fresh eye. At the end of the last day, Pau showed us a “behind the scene” presentation, how he achieved to get his best shots explaining the story behind each shot. Overall the 3 days were a full immersion, we even ended the workshop a few hours later than expected and Pau didn´t mind at all staying longer.

    Last but not least, the workshop was really fun and we got along together really well, meeting earlier for breakfast, having lunch together, going for a beer afterwards, I really felt I knew Pau and the group for a long time.

    I would indeed repeat without hesitation. Thanks, Pau!

  8. Luis Alvarez Marra January 5, 2018 at 8:14 pm #

    It was an extraordinary experience, because:

    1. Pau is a great guy: sensitive, humble, sense of humor….quite the opposite of most of the greats artists
    2. It’s an intensive weekend (we worked for almost 26 hours).
    3. Got deep into my portfolio. With a very constructive critique I have the keys to raise my photos to the next level.

    Nice city, great food, lovely weather, led by one of the most important Street Photographers. What else can you ask for!!!

  9. Oliver Kühnel January 4, 2018 at 6:39 pm #

    The workshops schedule that Pau provided fitted perfectly to have an intensive and inspiring street photography experience in Barcelona! There are basically two parts that the workshop consists of: Theory & practice.

    The evening theory lessons helped me getting really insightful reviews on my pictures – a seclection of my portfolio as well as the pictures I have taken during the workshop. We had very good discussions about composition, intent & cropping…;-))
    Besides the picture reviews, Pau also talks about the general development of street photography as well as his own way of becoming a street photographer and how he developed his unique style.

    There’s a lot of talks and discussions during the theory part, but also when out shooting. Pau gives you “on the scene” tips on how to capture a strong picture with intent, best fitting camera settings and answers all other questions that you might have. He walked us to the most interesting areas for street photography in Barcelona (and also to some secret traditional catalan restaurant with great regional food). The atmosphere within the group was always great, while everyone was free to shoot how he felt most comfortable (discovering a spot with a group of several persons or walking highly concentrated on your own…).

    My summary:
    If there was a 1-week workshop being given by Pau anywhere in the world, I’d go ;-))

  10. Stan De Zoysa January 3, 2018 at 8:12 am #

    The workshop was intensive and I especially liked the photo critique session. I attended the workshop right before my trip to photograph Cuba so it opened up new paths and ways of seeing.

    I highly recommend this workshop if you are interested in street photography. I’d totally assist this workshop again, enough said!!

    Best of luck!

  11. Xavier Prat October 17, 2017 at 11:21 pm #

    En mi opinión, una formación imprescindible para todo amante de la fotografía, sea cual sea su nivel. La calidad de las sesiones, tanto la teórica (con análisis de fotografías de grandes fotógrafos) como la práctica es espectacular. Los conocimientos de Pau y su capacidad y forma de compartirlos es impagable. Te enseña a componer y, sobretodo, te enseña a mirar para añadir ese elemento o elementos que hacen distinta una fotografía. Una formación que ha superado todas mis expectativas. TOTALMENTE IMPRESCINDIBLE.