Selection of photos taken during the workshops, mostly from Barcelona but also from London. Group pics, behind-the-scenes, editing sessions, and some of the pictures made during those weekends by the participants.


And below, FEEDBACK from former workshop participants.
Thank you guys!

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  1. (workshop Apr. 26 – 28, 2024)

    Attending Pau’s photo workshop was truly transformative! Pau’s exceptional teaching style and warm personality made the experience unforgettable. He generously shared his wealth of knowledge and techniques, leaving no question unanswered. Pau is not only a great street photographer but also an educator with a deep love and passion for teaching others.
    Despite the inherent solitude of street photography, Pau guided me through his process, offering invaluable insights and constructive feedback on my work. During the photo review and critique session, he provided insights into some of his best images and explained the process of capturing those photographs.
    Pau’s captivating presentation on street photography set the stage for an exciting weekend, while his insightful critique during the review session helped me see my work from a fresh perspective and provided actionable steps for improvement.
    Exploring Barcelona with Pau was an adventure in itself, with his expert guidance leading me to unexpected photographic opportunities. Additionally, the workshop provided a fantastic opportunity to immerse in Barcelona’s culture and cuisine, thanks to Pau’s recommendations for authentic Spanish food experiences.
    Overall, the workshop was both very enjoyable and intensive. I left Barcelona feeling inspired and motivated. Highly recommended for photographers of all levels!
    Thanks, Pau, for your generosity, and knowledge, and for a memorable experience! I hope you consider bringing your workshop back to London soon. (Workshop: April 26-28, 2024)

  2. (workshop Feb. 23 – 25, 2024)

    Mi experiencia con Pau en el workshop de Barcelona ha superado todas mis expectativas. El workshop es a partes iguales, intenso y enriquecedor. Pau te va guiando en tu proceso fotográfico y también puedes ver lo que le llama la atención a él y cómo lo captura. Además de buen profe, Pau es muy cercano y puedes preguntarle cualquier otra duda del negocio fotográfico. La verdad es que se me pasó volando! Sin duda, una experiencia muy recomendable. Gracias Pau 🙂

  3. (workshop Jan. 26 – 28, 2024)

    I did a workshop with Pau in January 2024. I only have good things to say:
    – A man who’s passionate about his craft
    – Lovely guy and no ego
    – Gives proper feedback – and doesn’t just say nice things to make you feel good
    – Great to see how his eye works – and what he spots on the streets (I can’t stop seeing rubbish and broken things now)
    – “There’s always a better shot”
    Ps. Bring comfortable shoes

  4. (workshop Sep. 22 – 24, 2023)

    Para mí lo más destacable del workshop con Pau fue la dedicación personalizada que puso a cada alumno, tanto en la valoración inicial del trabajo de cada uno, como en los consejos y práctica que quería que hiciésemos, o la valoración final de las imágenes. Pau pone mucha dedicación en darle a cada uno los consejos que necesita para llevar su fotografía a otro nivel y ayudarnos a avanzar. Pau no es solo un gran fotógrafo sino uno gran profesor. La única pega es que después de tanto tiempo esperando el workshop (años, pandemia por en medio…) se me hizo corto y me da pena que ya se haya acabado. Gràcies Pau!

  5. (workshop Sep. 22 – 24, 2023)

    It’s hard to express how incredible this workshop was. Pau is a great person and an amazing teacher. He had no secrets and hidden information from us, he gave us all the juice and essence how he shoots on the streets. I had to realize that teaching street photography is a very tough challenge because it is a kind of “lonely wolf” activity but Pau made an excellent job transfering the way and the method how he works. I loved how super-honest he was by reviewing our photos and how constructive ideas he gave us to improve. These 3 days were fun and very intense. Highly recommended, game changer! Thank you once again Pau for your kindness, openness and the great experience.

  6. (workshop June 23 – 25, 2023)

    I joined the workshop with Pau in June 2023. It was an amazing experience from start to finish and I’m going to Barcelona for another workshop with Pau in January!
    On the first day Pau gave a presentation on street photography, followed by a photo critique. The presentation was really good and delivered in an engaging and interesting way – you could feel the energy and passion straight away. The photo critique was great too – Pau’s ability to clearly define how our photos could be improved or what they were lacking was helpful. It was a very useful and actionable feedback.
    Then we went out to shoot and wandered around Barcelona for most of Saturday and Sunday. Pau provided clues and pointed attention to certain situations or potential situations…that in many instances started unfolding very quickly! Insights on how to anticipate things, how to add on elements to composition were really great. A lot of walking, very long days…it was a truly very enjoyable and eye-opening experience.
    At the end of day’s shooting on Sunday we selected the best photos from the workshop. Pau asked us to do a shortlist first and then each of us distilled it down to three best photos of the workshop. Again, Pau was providing feedback during the editing process.
    To summarize – it was a great experience, it really helped me to focus and get excited about photography again.

  7. (workshop Sep. 22 – 24, 2023)

    I highly recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to improve their photography skills. I learned a great deal in such a short time. Pau provided critical feedback on how to elevate the quality of my photos. He is a great teacher and has so much knowledge on the subject. I’m forever grateful for this experience. Thank you, Pau!

  8. (workshop Sep. 22 – 24, 2023)

    Excellent workshops. Pau put a lot of effort in preparation of the presentations and portfolio review. I had several years of street photography experience before attending these workshops but still have found them very interesting and informative. Pau’s photography tips and advice helped me a lot! Not only was it an learning experience but also a fun. Photo walks and review of the photos taken has put my understanding of street photography on a quite new level. Thanks a lot!

  9. (workshop Aug. 18 – 20, 2023)

    El pasado fin de semana estuve en el taller de Pau Buscató sobre fotografía de calle en Barcelona. Tres días de verdadera y fructífera inmersión en el entorno urbano, con un acompañamiento de verdadero lujo. Pau nos enseñó a ver la calle como un gran recreo donde experimentar libremente a través de nuestra intuición e imaginación. El proceso de captación de imágenes fue más juguetón y descarado de lo habitual. Imaginar cinco tipos mirando obsesivamente en un lugar aparentemente banal y ordinario de la ciudad, un charco sobre el asfalto, un cristal de un escaparate, o una composición generada por un contraste de luz y sombra. Los demás transeúntes no entendían nuestra obstinación y se generaban graciosas sospechas sobre nuestra extraña presencia. Pau nos propuso culminar las escenas con un momento de suerte que convertía la toma en una imagen surreal con fuertes dosis de humor y paradoja visual.
    Altamente recomendable!!!

  10. (workshop Sep. 11 – 13, 2020)

    Great workshop. Pau is not only a great photographer, but also a very good communicator. He explains theory and practice in detail and two days on the street with him are a motivating experience. The workshop has been an upgrade not only to my street photography, but also to my photography in general. Highly recommended workshop

  11. (workshop Feb. 28 – March 1, 2020)

    Me gusta la gente que no me deja indiferente y Pau es uno de ellos. Un obsesionado de la fotografía callejera y su perfección creativa. Pau te mostrara un camino, otra forma de mirar la calle…si lo comprendes y trabajas en ello te llevará a otro nivel.

    Viva la fricción y Saulete!!! jajajaja.

    Una abraçada Pau

  12. (workshop Feb. 21-23, 2020)

    It’s been almost a week since the workshop ended and I’m still learning. Pau isn’t just a great photographer, he’s also a good teacher and provided us with tools that keep unfolding even now. Thank you for that, Pau!

    PS: it was also great fun and a group of wonderful likeminded people I hope to see more often

  13. (workshop Feb. 21-23, 2020)

    I attended Pau’s workshop in Barcelona in February 2020 and it was a really valuable experience. I would recommend it to anyone interested in learning a new approach to street photography, no matter the level (beginner, intermediate or advanced). I signed up to learn something different from what I usually do, and Pau gave me a new method. The workshop is well structured, with theory and review of images on the first day, shooting in the streets on the second and third day, and then again review and critique. Pau is very open about his way of shooting and he shares a lot of practical tips. The group is small so there’s plenty of time for everyone to get some personal advice from him, which is great. I’m going back home re-energized and with a new vision. Thank you Pau!

  14. (workshop Aug 23-25, 2019/London)

    I did the workshop with Pau in London (August 2019). I had high expectations based on Pau’s amazing photos and the very positive feedback on his website. I can tell that the experience was beyond my expectations!
    The workshop is very well organized: first theory and review of previous work, then practice and advice in situ, and finally review of the work. It is incredibly valuable (and impressive) to see how Pau works in the street. The very small group allows us to have one-to-one time with Pau (as well as freedom), to get his personal advice, and to discuss about anything (technics, his approach, other photographers, etc). Pau is fully dedicated and available for all participants at any level (beginner, intermediate, or advanced). He happily shares all is knowledge, and has a high sense of ethics.
    I couldn’t recommend more this workshop to anyone interested in leveling up his practice of photography. Thank you again Pau.

  15. (workshop June 7-9, 2019)

    El curso de Pau está muy bien estructurado, he aprendido mucho de sus enseñanzas y sobre todo de su experiencia. No se conforma con solo mirar una escena, sino que busca lograr la composición original e irrepetible, y te enseña cómo llegar a hacerlo por tu cuenta. Te lleva de la mano hasta que comprendes de qué va hacer fotografía de calle. Es exigente, pero su curso es sencillo de comprender y de practicar. La pasé muy bien aprendiendo sus técnicas! Altamente recomendable, vale la pena la inversión! Me llevo de regreso a México una gran experiencia!

  16. (workshop September 27-29, 2019)

    Pau es todo un personaje, en catalán diríamos “un Homenot”. Transmite pasión, es pura obsesión vital y esto lo convierte en fotografías. Se da, se vuelca en lo que hace, te da y vuelca sus conocimientos en el taller y en el trato. No es composición, no es técnica, no es narrativa; es obsesionarse con todo esto para intentar dar su visión a través de una sucesión de instantes fotogràficos. Aprende, exígete y vuélcate en lo que haces …. y te lo demuestra.
    No, no podré hacer sus imágenes, son irrepetibles. Mis límites son más estrechos, mucho más que los suyos . Pero me ha enseñado a explorarlos, por tanto quizás no haré grandes fotos pero me divertiré y intentaré hacerlo mejor. Os parece poco? Pues es mucho.
    Paco Sancho.

  17. (workshop September 27-29, 2019)

    Encantado con la experiencia. Pau es un tío cercano, de trato amigable y con una visión muy personal. Pero al mismo tiempo exigente e inconformista con los trabajos.
    Del taller me llevo una nueva forma de mirar a mi alrededor y un flujo de trabajo que hasta ahora no tenía. Y una máxima, nunca hay que ser autocomplaciente con lo conseguido.
    Recomiendo este taller a todo aquel que quiera aprender y mejorar esta disciplina tan apasionante. Barcelona me parece una ciudad ideal para ejercerla. Los compañeros también geniales, cada uno con su estilo pero todos con ganas de mejorar.
    En resumen recomendable al 100%.
    Gracias por todo Pau. Me encantaría poder mantener el contacto aunque sea de manera esporádica para comentar trabajos o proyectos. Un fuerte abrazo.

  18. (workshop September 14, 2019)

    Taller Intensiu Street Photography 14/09/2019 amb Pau Buscató

    Es un plaer poder compartir tota una jornada de treball amb en Pau Buscató, ja coneixeu les seves fotos oi?, doncs veure’l treballar és molt interessant i sorprenent també. És un apassionat de la seva feina i això ja et fa sentir molt bé, però a més t’ensenya la seva metodologia de treball, com ha fet algunes de les seves fotos mes celebrades, com configurar la teva càmera de manera que la puguis usar ràpid i amb una sola mà, com jugar a buscar escenaris i imaginar que voldries que passes mes per fer “la foto” aquesta foto irrepetible i memorable…
    El taller comença amb 3 hores de teoria, on tot el que explica ho pots veure analitzant les imatges d’ell o d’altres fotògrafs. Després 6 hores practicant amb una pausa per dinar, i acabem amb la sessió de visionat i critica de 3 hores, molt útil. Al ser un grup tant reduït, l’atenció es molt personalitzada. Un cop acabat el taller et facilita enllaços de fotògrafs i grups d’street photography molt inspiradors.
    Encara que jo no hagi fet cap foto memorable durant el taller, he vist “el com”, ara practico seguin els seus consells i em diverteixo molt.

  19. (workshop September 14, 2019)

    Los cursos de Pau Buscato son muy recomendables. La clase teórica inicial es muy buena: que es la fotografía de calle, diferentes clasificaciones de ella, formas de enfocar las salidas a la calle, recomendación de muchos fotógrafos, etc. Cada diapositiva es genial. Ya durante las horas de práctica, no se despega de los alumnos, dando consejos en todo momento y compartiendo posibles ideas de posibles fotos en directo. En la última parte del curso se seleccionan unas fotos y uno a uno va comentando los aspectos positivos de las imágenes que has tomado así como las posibilidades de mejorarlas y darle otra lectura.
    Y sobre todo, anima mucho a seguir cogiendo la cámara y a salir a la calle. Gracias Pau

  20. (workshop Aug 23-25, 2019/London)

    This workshop should be on top of your list if you love Street Photography.
    Pau doesn’t hide anything and tell you everything (and he has a lot to share, including his good spots).
    Absolute dedication to the applicants and perfect organization on both theoretical and practical aspects.
    Muchas gracias Pau !

  21. (workshop Aug 23-25, 2019/London)

    I went to Pau’s workshop in London and had a great learning experience. Watching him work and explaining his lines of thoughts was super valuable. I appreciated the small group, which gave us a lot of time spent with Pau. Unfortunately I missed the last part of the critique session, but got a lot of feedback during the workshop. All in all, it was a well organized and good experience.

  22. (workshop June 7-9, 2019)

    A fantastic workshop in Barcelona! Had a great time and learned a lot! Would recommend doing this course!

  23. (workshop June 16, 2019)

    Si tenéis oportunidad de hacer uno de sus talleres; ¡no lo dudéis!. Es un placer ver a Pau en acción, y un gustazo compartir un día entero (¡enterísimo!) con otras personas que entienden tu pasión/locura.
    Las horas de teoría, fantásticas; las de calle, también; pero lo mejor es el momento de crítica-comentarios de las fotos que se han hecho durante el día.

  24. (workshop June 16, 2019)

    Un día espectacular! Pau, un tío genial. Muy buen rollo desde el minuto 1. En el curso te enseña todos su metodos de trabajo, la energía con la que trabaja, el planteamiento y la resolución de escenas con las que te encuentras.
    Un ambiente de grupo fantástico. 100% recomendable para todos los que os apetezca aprender y pasar un día entero haciendo fotos en la calle y aprender a resolver situaciones con las que nos podemos encontar.

  25. (workshop June 7-9, 2019)

    I went to the course, prompted by the positive comments and by the photos I saw in Instagram. I am not a street photography connaisseur, but I went in with an open mind and ready to learn. I was not dissapointed. Other than all the good qualities already described by the rest of the reviews, what I valued the most was the generosity. Talented photographers are not difficult to find, but talent, coupled with the generosity to impart knowledge and experience is not very common. The passion, enthusiasm and authenticity displayed by him in his workshop continue to inspire me, even after the course. Recommended to anyone in love with photography.

  26. I signed up for the workshop to learn something completely opposite to what I usually look for on the street. I came back home as a happier and better human at the end of the workshop. Of course it was all about photography, but Pau inspired me to look at life in a complete different way and manner. I start to love what things could become, and walking around day dreaming all day 🙂

  27. (workshop March 22-24, 2019)

    There are a lot of comments in English, Spanish and Italian — and nothing on russian. So I’ll write about workshop for Russian-speaking photographers (briefly everything was perfect).

    Теперь на русском для всех русскоязычных. Я снимаю около 10 лет уже и был уверен, что уж в теории я все знаю, и именно теоретические знания мне будут неинтересны. В итоге оказалось все совсем наоборот. Пау так классно разложил все по полкам и посмотрел на весь стрит с какой-то другой стороны, что безумно понравился даже первый день, когда мы в основном только слушали. Помимо этого в первый день Бускато рассматривает ваши фотографии и говорит, в какую сторону лучше менять мысли и как можно улучшить видение, плюс (самое интересно) рассказывает, как он блин снимал все свои эти кадры. Кадр с голубями — 2 года, например. Что касается съемочного процесса, то тут тоже все было очень здорово и интересно. Лично для меня было любопытно, как Пау ходит, думает, выбирает людей. Да и 2 дня целиком бегать и снимать — отлично выходит на практике. В общем если вы сомневаетесь брать или не брать, лететь или нет — вообще не думайте, это безумно стоит того, и совершенно точно стоит своих денег. Кстати, мне воркшоп подарили в качестве подарка, так что подумайте, может, подарить кому-нибудь?

  28. (workshop March 22-24, 2019)

    Girare per Barcellona con Pau, vedere come sviluppa le sue idee, fotografare insieme, discutere delle sue e delle mie foto, è stata una esperienza molto divertente ed estremamente formativa: Pau è riuscito a coinvolgermi nella sua visione di “street photography”, particolarmente adatta al mio animo, e a chiarire il percorso che devo seguire nel futuro per migliorare. Se poi ci si mette anche un bel gruppo di allievi e una città meravigliosa…. perfetto, da rifare!

  29. I attended one of Pau s workshops in March, and it was great. Even though it didn t last long (3 days), it was crammed full of conversations, shooting in the streets and reviews.

    Watching Pau shoot and explain his creative process while walking the streets of beautiful Barcelona was a highlight. Another was the reviews he provided of the work of the whole group, as well as advise given to each one of us on how we can improve. Finally, he changed the settings in my Ricoh in a way that somehow improved my pics immediately 🙂

    On the whole, I highly recommend this workshop, and I will do my best to attend another one in the future. Gracias Pau!

  30. (workshop March 22-24, 2019)

    I recently had the honor to do a workshop with Pau in Barcelona, also with an amazing group of Photographers, and it was a blast!
    Working with him makes you realize how a true professional photographer works, thinks and observes the world and everything that happens around him.
    His workshop format is well balanced between class activities and outdoor practice, and being both with him or alone really helps challenging yourself.
    Now that I’m back in my hometown I can say that thanks to him I started observing the world a little bit “farther”.
    Thank you, Pau, I look forward to work with you again!

  31. (workshop Des. 7 – 9, 2018)

    Ce workshop a atteint voir même dépassé mes attentes.
    En effet, l’implication, la passion et le côté humain de Paù sont les atouts majeurs de ces 3 jours.
    Paù prend le temps d’analyser et de s’impliquer avec chacun de nous. Aussi bien lors des sessions en rue que lorsque nous analysons nos photos.
    La passion de la street photography est au coeur de ce workshop et ça se sent à chaque instant. Paù est un passionné qui vous aide et partage sa passion sans compter. De plus, le sens de l’humour et la bonne humeur était de rigueur durant tout le séjour au sein de notre groupe. Ce fut donc un vrai moment de plaisir et de partage à chaque instant.
    Je ressors grandi de ces 3 jours en compagnie de Paù. Envieux d’apprendre d’avantages et il est évident que cela m’a fait évolué. A faire et refaire. Merci Paù !

  32. (workshop December 7-9, 2018)

    Sigo el trabajo de Pau desde hace un tiempo y después de estar viendo su web y los buenos comentarios de los asistentes a los workshops decido inscribirme en el de Barcelona de diciembre.
    Que pasada de fin de semana intenso,teórica y práctica,es de los cursos que hace que cambie tu visión de la fotografía de calle,me siento afortunado de haber estado ahí,tanto por lo aprendido y vivido como por los amigos que me llevo.

  33. (workshop December 7-9, 2018)

    En dos palabras: Imprescindible, Implicación.
    Imprescindible para todo aquel que ve el mundo que le rodea de una manera diferente y para el que siente curiosidad por saber como se ve desde otro punto de vista.
    Implicación máxima con el taller desde la teoría, la práctica, la edición y critica finales, mostrándonos lo que hace, como, y porque. El trato de Pau con el grupo así como individualmente ha sido fabuloso, parecía que nos conociéramos desde hace tiempo y eso que solo han sido dos días y medio, que han sabido a poco pero que han sido todo un lujo.

  34. (workshop September 21-23, 2018)

    La fotografía para mi es un hobby que me apasiona, y al que no puedo dedicarle el tiempo que quisiera. Hacer este taller con Pau y el fenomenal equipo de participantes , me ha impactado mucho y me ha abierto mas el “apetito fotográfico”.
    Aprender con Pau algo mas de fotografía de calle, para mi un lujo, que me quedo para seguir con lo que me gusta.
    Gracias por tu tiempo, enseñanzas, consejos y sobre todo por dejarnos ver, que si quieres conseguir una buena foto hay que ser persistentes e innovar, buscar lo que te hace sentir bien.

  35. (workshop September 21-23, 2018)

    Cuando descubrí hace algún año ya las fotografías de Pau…no me lo podía creer…sobre todo como podía tener tantos y tantos y tantos momentos de lucidez.

    Siempre tenía ganas de conocerlo hasta que esta vez me decidí, acompañando a Gus y Nacho. Y como no podía ser de otra forma, su secreto, a parte de mucho talento….es el trabajo, trabajo, trabajo y más trabajo, entrenar, entrenar y más entrenar y estar dedicado en cuerpo y alma a esta profesión….y encima es un tío de Puta madre y entregado a la causa…aunque estuviéramos malos los dos…

  36. (workshop September 21-23, 2018)

    Pocas veces por no decir nunca, puedes estar durante tres días junto a un individuo a quien admiras. Solo hicieron falta
    tres horas, para darme cuenta de todo lo que podía aprender de Pau.
    Sencillo, cercano, paciente, y con una dedicación muy, muy profesional.
    Escuchar su análisis de mis imágenes, ha cambiado la forma en que ahora veo la fotografía de calle. Cada sesión después de practicar ha sido un verdadero lujo, pero compartir cada día su forma de ver y hacerte ver, todo lo que puede ofrecerte la calle, no tiene precio.
    Si antes de conocerle, le admiraba muchísimo, es ahora cuando me doy cuenta que no era suficiente…
    Gracias amigo!!!
    Nota: Sigue siendo como eres, no cambies, chacho!

  37. (workshop September 14-16, 2018)

    To me, this experience can be condensed with one word: Challenge. It may seem a vague word to describe a three-day journey through street photography, but I think that is the one word that fits the most.

    It was a challenge to go there and become better with every day that elapses, seeing your mistakes and amending them, seeking new ways to come up with great ideas. In conclusion: being the best “you” that you can be.

    This was the first workshop I ever went to. At first, I was nervous and a little afraid of being inexperienced with street photography, but with Pau’s advice, I was able to enjoy it. Although I was the youngest there my age wasn’t an impediment from keeping up with the other team members. As the journey went on I learned some tricks that were very useful. I also have to mention that my whole team was awesome and we had a great time together!

    In general, I can say that Pau is a great Sensei. He is always looking out for the others and helping you out when needed. He has a lot of knowledge and experience in street photography.

    I really liked the critique session. It is an unforgettable moment. After all your effort and work put into the workshop you can see the results and opinion coming from a professional in this area. It really gives you the motivation to keep trying until you get the perfect picture.

    I have to say it was intensive but inspiring. His style is custom made by and for him, but I don’t doubt when I say that he has influenced mine.

    For all the ones looking for feedback from other participants in the workshop, here’s my advice: go for it! I’m not a good photographer but I can assure you that is one time in life experience and that you will learn from it. I did.

    Thanks Pau!


  38. En mi opinión, una formación imprescindible para todo amante de la fotografía, sea cual sea su nivel. La calidad de las sesiones, tanto la teórica (con análisis de fotografías de grandes fotógrafos) como la práctica es espectacular. Los conocimientos de Pau y su capacidad y forma de compartirlos es impagable. Te enseña a componer y, sobretodo, te enseña a mirar para añadir ese elemento o elementos que hacen distinta una fotografía. Una formación que ha superado todas mis expectativas. TOTALMENTE IMPRESCINDIBLE.

  39. (workshop September 14-16, 2018)

    I attended the Barcelona workshop on September 14-16, the workshop is well focused, intensive, and set in a vibrating, friendly environment, we have a really good team and a lot of fun.
    A good opportunity to work with Pau, he is humanism, respect, and patience, I’ve learned a lot during the workshop from his professional knowledge advise, great teaching aid and great learning aid. Highly recommend it! Thanks again Pau 🙂

  40. (workshop September 14-16, 2018)

    Walking the streets of a buzzing city like Barcelona with Pau was an honour. His eyes work in different ways to most of us. The critique sessions were tough but fun. My biggest takeaway from the weekend was a new understanding of the level of quality control, patience and dedication it takes to get a genuinely killer street shot. It was also great to see how my fellow workshoppers saw the same streets in very contrasting ways. Taking photos with passionate, imaginative photographers from different parts of the world is always fun.

  41. Este workshop de Pau Buscató no es solo un workshop de “Street photography”, es un curso intensivo de percepción visual, de composición, de estética y de narrativa todo enseñado de manera practica con una transparencia y honestidad única en los tiempos que corren.

Pau es un tío abierto, simpático, divertido y a la vez muy trabajador, obsesionado con su trabajo y extremadamente crítico.

    Prepárate para una inmersión en las calles de Barcelona, a la “caza” visual de instantes únicos en el espacio y en el tiempo.

No volverás a ver la fotografía de la misma manera después de este curso.

    Realmente hay un antes y después.

  42. (workshop March 30-April 1, 2018)

    Ein guter Workshop für Streetphotography, bei einem sehr sympathischen Pau Buscató. Wenn man sich auf ein nächstes Level in der Streetphotography bringen will, ist dieser Kurs eine gute Gelegenheit. Die gemeinsamen Bildbesprechungen der eigenen Fotos und die der anderen Teilnehmer sind sehr hilfreich. Auch die gemeinsame aktive Zeit auf der Straße hat mir viel gebracht und das Auge für kleine Details geschärft. Nun gilt es dran zu bleiben.
    Ich kann den Kurs findet für ambitionierte Streetphotografen nur empfehlen!

  43. (workshop December 7-9, 2018)

    Ce workshop a atteint voir même dépassé mes attentes.
    En effet, l’implication, la passion et le côté humain de Paù sont les atouts majeurs de ces 3 jours.
    Paù prend le temps d’analyser et de s’impliquer avec chacun de nous. Aussi bien lors des sessions en rue que lorsque nous analysons nos photos.
    La passion de la street photography est au coeur de ce workshop et ça se sent à chaque instant. Paù est un passionné qui vous aide et partage sa passion sans compter. De plus, le sens de l’humour et la bonne humeur était de rigueur durant tout le séjour au sein de notre groupe. Ce fut donc un vrai moment de plaisir et de partage à chaque instant.
    Je ressors grandi de ces 3 jours en compagnie de Paù. Envieux d’apprendre d’avantages et il est évident que cela m’a fait évolué. A faire et refaire. Merci Paù !

  44. (workshop March 16-18, 2018)

    De los varios workshops que he realizado, me gustaría destacar en particular, el intensivo fin de semana con Pau Buscató.
    He salido muy reforzado en composición, Pau me ha abierto lo mente a la hora de ver lo que normalmente no vemos, encontrando los puntos de enfoque más diversos.
    Se podría decir que he vivido un antes y un después, fotográficamente hablando a raíz de este curso.
    Su dominio de la cámara me ha ayudado a manejar a la perfección algunos detalles que no controlaba de la mía, y ayuda mucho viéndole trabajar, a mejorar tus miedos en fotografía de calle, me refiero a prejuicios.
    Pero si hay algo que de verdad puedo destacar de Pau es su paciencia, consistencia, preocupación por ayudar, como se lo curra tanto en explicaciones personales o en grupo, por no hablar como persona, del gran tipo que es.
    Ya estoy pendiente de preparar mi próximo taller con el, 100% recomendable, si quieres cambiar y crecer en fotografía este es el taller idóneo.

  45. (workshop December 1-3, 2017)

    What an enthusiast. He definitely has his sights on the details that are worth seeing them live and being a part of it. Even though I know that I will never develop his stubborn obsession, he has influenced me to develop my own style. And Barcelona is one of the most beautiful cities for such a workshop. Don’t miss it! // Bjørn Kaas, Hamburg / GER

  46. (workshop November 24-26, 2017)

    The workshop is a great opportunity to get into Pau’s mind and learn new tricks. I do suggest to do this learning experience to all whom desire to extend their graphic vision on the street.

    I would say that is not only for street photographers but to all curious who want to get inspired by the Street photography language differently.

    Barcelona is also a great environment, energic city full of variations between modern and antique.
    Also as a team we had a great social time all together. Always hangry on the street but hungry on the table.

  47. (workshop December 1-3, 2017)

    As this was my first photography workshop dedicated to street, and knowing the level of patience, awareness, and intensity required to capture good street images, I was a little concerned how the logistics of it all might work in reality. It’s already incredibly difficult to be subtle and remain undetected on the streets when you’re alone with your camera, imagine what it’s like with six other like-minded photographers, all stalking the same space. Thinking you’re going to come out with a world class Pau Buscató level image at the end of the weekend would be wrong, perhaps you will if you’re lucky, but given that this type of photography is about 99.9% failure (to quote Alex Webb), the chances are you won’t. But all that doesn’t matter. Over the weekend you will get ample chance to ask Pau anything about his work and he holds absolutely nothing back. This kind of willingness to share information is gold and worth far more than snapping that killer shot. You’ll be better prepared and have plenty of time for that killer shot afterwards. Take the time to learn and speak with Pau. He will guide you through camera settings, gear, things to look out for on the streets, things to avoid (cliché’s etc), and most importantly the kind of mind-set and patience levels required to be, not just a good street photographer, but a great street photographer. He’s not going to favourably critique your images just to please you; he is honest and constructive. It’s important that we are able to put our ego’s to one side and actually learn the difference between making a good image and making a great image, from someone who actually knows what they are talking about. A great self-critiquing tip from Pau that I personally took great benefit from, is to simply ask “can this image be repeated easily? Can I take my camera and take the exact same shot tomorrow?” This simple question helped me to instantly up my game.

    On a more personal level, Pau is a friendly, approachable guy. You certainly won’t feel uncomfortable talking to him.

  48. (workshop November 24-26, 2017)

    It was an extraordinary experience, because:

    1. Pau is a great guy: sensitive, humble, sense of humor….quite the opposite of most of the greats artists
    2. It’s an intensive weekend (we worked for almost 26 hours).
    3. Got deep into my portfolio. With a very constructive critique I have the keys to raise my photos to the next level.

    Nice city, great food, lovely weather, led by one of the most important Street Photographers. What else can you ask for!!!

  49. (workshop November 24-26, 2017)

    The workshop was intensive and I especially liked the photo critique session. I attended the workshop right before my trip to photograph Cuba so it opened up new paths and ways of seeing.

    I highly recommend this workshop if you are interested in street photography. I’d totally assist this workshop again, enough said!!

    Best of luck!

  50. Had the pleasure to attend the workshop on November ’17.
    The workshop was really well structured starting with a presentation of Pau´s experience and how he became a street photographer, along with suggestions on different ways to view the scene with a different eye. The first day started with a review of my previous work, and the feedback really helped me be more critical of my work. The photowalks on the next days were really helpful as Pau gave me loads of tips on how to work the scene and how to seek that SHOT that makes the difference. At the end of each photowalk there’s been a review on each participant work and that for me was the best part, as said before it was really inspiring and gave me new ideas to improve, inspiration and pushed me to come back the next days on my own with a fresh eye. At the end of the last day, Pau showed us a “behind the scene” presentation, how he achieved to get his best shots explaining the story behind each shot. Overall the 3 days were a full immersion, we even ended the workshop a few hours later than expected and Pau didn´t mind at all staying longer.

    Last but not least, the workshop was really fun and we got along together really well, meeting earlier for breakfast, having lunch together, going for a beer afterwards, I really felt I knew Pau and the group for a long time.

    I would indeed repeat without hesitation. Thanks, Pau!

  51. The workshops schedule that Pau provided fitted perfectly to have an intensive and inspiring street photography experience in Barcelona! There are basically two parts that the workshop consists of: Theory & practice.

    The evening theory lessons helped me getting really insightful reviews on my pictures – a seclection of my portfolio as well as the pictures I have taken during the workshop. We had very good discussions about composition, intent & cropping…;-))
    Besides the picture reviews, Pau also talks about the general development of street photography as well as his own way of becoming a street photographer and how he developed his unique style.

    There’s a lot of talks and discussions during the theory part, but also when out shooting. Pau gives you “on the scene” tips on how to capture a strong picture with intent, best fitting camera settings and answers all other questions that you might have. He walked us to the most interesting areas for street photography in Barcelona (and also to some secret traditional catalan restaurant with great regional food). The atmosphere within the group was always great, while everyone was free to shoot how he felt most comfortable (discovering a spot with a group of several persons or walking highly concentrated on your own…).

    My summary:
    If there was a 1-week workshop being given by Pau anywhere in the world, I’d go ;-))

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